What is M2M communication?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication enables remote management of equipment and machines. You no longer need to go to the equipment or machine on location to execute checks and necessary actions. Instead, the asset is monitored by taking measurements.

The foundation of M2M communication is connectivity. In order to be able to “communicate”, equipment, machines or vehicles are equipped with a SIM card. The measured data are then read wirelessly and exchanged within an IT infrastructure.

With M2M communication you continuously have access to reliable, real-time information regarding your assets. You can also remotely send commands to a specific machine. M2M connectivity makes asset management simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective.


M2M connectivity by SIMPoint

SIMPoint is a connectivity specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field of M2M communications. We are happy to explore (complex) issues with you to turn them into a customized, healthy business case. Customized solutions also means: no minimum purchase requirement for SIM cards, customized data plans and variable durations.

As a client of SIMPoint you also have access to our portal, where you can manage your M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Via the portal you can:

  • Order SIM cards
  • Change data plans
  • View your invoices
  • Check the specifications of your M2M and IoT solutions

Via the SIMPoint portal we can also provide you with access to the Connectivity Management Platform by Cisco Jasper, which allows you to keep all your management tools together for your convenience. Via the Cisco Jasper Wireless Platform you can:

  • Set rules for SIM card usage
  • Set alerts for data bundle usage
  • Set IMEI blocks
  • Execute technical analyses of connections
  • Activate and block SIM cards

With SIMPoint M2M communication is within reach!

The SIMPoint and Cisco Jasper portal

M2M services by SIMPoint

SIM cards

SIMPoint provides the following types of SIM cards:

  • Standard SIM card
  • Micro SIM card
  • Nano SIM card
  • SIM on Chip (Soldered directly onto PCB)

The SIM cards are supplied as a 3-in-1 SIM card in business grade as standard. The business grade SIM card can withstand temperatures from -25 to 85°C. For M2M applications under severe conditions we provide industrial grade SIM cards. These are ruggedized SIM cards in the usual sizes which can withstand temperatures from -35 to 105°C.

Network and data usage

Quality and reliability come first. We therefore work with the network and SIM cards of KPN. Outside the Netherlands you can rely on the network of selected high quality partners of KPN.

For international data usage we can always offer you an appropriate solution. You can for instance opt for European or global data usage, a data plan which includes specific countries or a modified plan with selected providers.

Secure connection (VPN connection)

Your M2M communications run via our reliable network. Your data transmission can be secured even further by using a Virtual Private Network, a so-called VPN connection. With a VPN connection your data are secure and shielded when read and sent. Do you prefer M2M communications via your own Access Point Name (APN)? This, too, is part of the available options.

M2M connectivity for data and more

With M2M connectivity by SIMPoint you cannot only read and send data. Connectivity for M2M applications with Voice connection and text messages is also provided.

Furthermore, static IP addresses can be assigned to equipment, to ensure that a central system can identify and connect with a specific piece of equipment at all times.

24/7 support

An M2M solution which works all the time, that is what you want! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Via the SIMPoint portal and the Cisco Jasper Wireless Platform you always have access to information regarding the connectivity of your M2M solutions. Furthermore, SIMPoint can be reached 24/7, for all your questions.

M2M applications with fixed or dynamic IP addresses

SIMPoint offers M2M connectivity via:
• Dynamic IP addresses
• Fixed public IP addresses
• Fixed non-public IP addresses via VPN connection
• Customised solutions such as IP-sec VPN and managed VPN connections

Every M2M solution requires its own connectivity, and we’re happy to explain the available options.

The difference between fixed and dynamic IP addresses

Most WiFi and network connections work with a dynamic IP address. When you go online, the server automatically assigns you an IP address. You don’t notice this – you simply have access to the internet. With an M2M connection and a dynamic IP address, a SIM card can receive a new IP address on a regular basis. Due to the changing IP address, it is not possible to set up a connection to your M2M solution’s SIM card.

If you need an M2M connection that allows you to only receive data from a connected device or machine, a connection with a dynamic IP address is suitable for your M2M solution. If you also wish to set up a connection to your M2M solution’s SIM card (for example to read data or carry out remote actions) you will need a SIM card with a fixed IP address, also called a static IP address.

Fixed public and non-public IP addresses

There are two kinds of fixed IP address: public and non-public. If you use a fixed public IP address, you will not be able to use any additional tools or a separate connection, but the IP address will not be protected. Alternatively, with a fixed non-public IP address you can realise a secure M2M solution. SIMPoint offers secure M2M connectivity with a fixed non-public IP address via a VPN solution.

M2M connectivity with VPN solution

With an M2M connection with VPN solution, the SIM card receives a fixed IP address in a non-public series. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, made through a “switch in the cloud”, is set up via our secure environment. Once you are authorised, this cloud environment allows you to connect to our data centre anytime, anywhere, after which you can reach your non-public addresses via this secure connection. All internet traffic using this connection is encrypted. Depending on your requirements, this can be done through SSL encryption or IP-sec.

It is difficult to reach your equipment via a VPN connection, which functions as an extra layer of security. This helps protect your equipment from brute force hacking attempts, which try to find the username/password combination for your modem or device by sending large numbers of possible combinations. These hacking attempts also affect your data usage, but are minimised by the secure environment.

Customised solutions for VPN connections

Various customised solutions are available on request, such as site-2-site connection with IP-sec. This is a VPN connection between two locations, for example between your own firewall and our secure environment, which is permanently up. A Managed VPN connection is another possibility, whereby a device is installed at your location to establish the VPN connection.

Examples of M2M solutions

Alarm system

You may not realise this, but a wireless alarm system and a personal emergency response system are also M2M solutions. A wireless alarm system has major advantages. With a wireless personal alarm a person maintains full mobility, but at the same time has the certainty that they will be able to request support whenever and wherever. For buildings a wireless solution means a sabotage-prone landline is not required, which also allows for fast and easy installation without drilling work or digging.


A lift contains complex technology. When this technology fails, this causes great inconvenience by poor accessibility of a building and, worst case scenario, people get locked inside the lift. Using M2M communications sensitive parts can be monitored continuously. Remote monitoring allows for efficient scheduling of maintenance and prevents malfunctions as much as possible. Should a malfunction occur, with M2M communication a voice connection can be established with a control room via an emergency button.

Mobile PIN or payment terminal

For all your credit card and debit card transactions via a mobile PIN or payment terminal you need the best possibly connectivity. A safe and reliable connection via a network with maximum availability. We offer an M2M solution for all your PIN transactions via safe data lines on a robust network with back-up systems. Would you like to go one step further? The payment terminal can be connected to a KPN PIN gateway. This offers an even more secured connection specifically for PIN transactions.

Smart meter

To ensure a greener, more sustainable future it is important to find new ways to save energy and water. Dutch utility companies take a proactive course with these new challenges in the market. A first step towards saving energy and water is making consumers and businesses aware of their present water and energy consumption.

Utility companies make more and more use of smart meters which provide regular meter readings. These regular updates provide consumers and businesses with better insight into their energy and water consumption and allow them to identify the appliances which use most energy. For this M2M application utility companies need a nationwide network at competitive rates.


It started with track and trace systems for luxury car brands prone to theft and expensive equipment. Nowadays M2M solutions are broadly applied within the automotive sector.

Businesses with large fleets of vehicles have also discovered the many possibilities of M2M communications for both vehicle management and company management. Whether it is about vehicle maintenance, anti-theft security, driving style management, working time registration or efficient workforce management: each of these M2M solutions offer interesting opportunities to save costs.


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Prices apply to 20 pieces. Above you should contact us.
Duration of subscription 12 months, thereafter monthly cancellation.

All prices are exclusive of VAT Includes Price per month
Bundle Region Data in MB Text Voice in min. Duration 1 year
Lift & Alarm*
Lift pooled EU 2 2 2 € 3,50
Alarm pooled EU 2 2 2 € 3,50
Back-up EU 0 0 0 € 5,99
Small 1 MB pooled EU 1 0 0 € 2,99
Small 2 MB pooled EU 2 0 0 € 3,15
Small 5 MB pooled EU 5 0 0 € 3,50
Small 10 MB pooled EU 10 0 0 € 3,95
Medium 25 MB pooled EU 25 0 0 € 4,95
Medium 100 MB pooled EU 100 0 0 € 5,50
Medium 250 MB pooled EU 250 0 0 € 6,95
Medium 500 MB pooled EU 500 0 0 € 9,75
Large 1 GB pooled EU 1.000 0 0 € 9,99
Large 2 GB pooled EU 2.000 0 0 € 16,50
Large 5 GB pooled EU 5.000 0 0 € 34,95
Extra Large*
Extra Large 10 GB pooled EU 10.000 0 0 € 57,95
Extra Large 25 GB pooled EU 25.000 0 0 € 115,00
Extra Large 50 GB pooled EU 50.000 0 0 € 215,00

* For dates, voice and SMS outside the bundle, the following outbound rates apply.
* Optional fixed IP address possible. Surcharge € 5,00 monthly.

Rates outside bundle
Data Lift & Alarm 0,19 per MB
Data Back-up 0,01 per MB
Data Small 0,19 per MB
Data Medium 0,05 per MB
Data Large 0,02 per MB
Data Extra Large 0,01 per MB
SMS 0,08 per text
Voice 0,20 per minute
One-time costs
Shipping 7,50 per shipment
Activation 5,00 per SIM card
Activation fixed IP address EU 10,00 per SIM card
Bundle changes 15,00 per change