The private limited company SIMPoint B.V. (“SIMPoint”) is a company under Dutch law, with its registered office in Eindhoven.

SIMPoint aims to present itself to the outside world through its website and to provide information about connectivity and hardware in a professional and accessible manner and to share knowledge with the visitors of the website. SIMPoint respects the privacy of all users of this website and further complies with the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation. SIMPoint reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement subject to evolving insights.

Personal data
SIMPoint only collects personal data that are explicitly and voluntarily provided by those who visit this website with the purpose of keeping track of who visits its website and what preferences the visitors have. This data can be used to contact you, to provide you with information about SIMPoint and to analyse data, including market research for the purpose of our company. This allows us to make the website more and more relevant to its visitors. When you visit the website, your computer automatically provides certain information for the above purposes. Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and can be used to contact you, to provide you with information about SIMPoint and to analyse data, including market research for the purpose of our company. SIMPoint does not sell your personal data to third parties and does not retain your personal data for longer than the legal retention periods or so much shorter as is permitted.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you are entitled to objection, inspection, rectification, limitation, data portability, deletion, withdrawal of consent and right of complaint. If, in your case, there is a need to communicate with a recipient from outside the European Economic Area, an EU Model Clause contract will be concluded with that recipient, unless this is not necessary because the level of protection at which personal data are processed is equal to or higher than the level of protection in the EU.

SIMPoint uses data analysis companies and has concluded a processor agreement with them, such as with Google Analytics, and also uses small text files called cookies. Cookies are used to monitor activities on the website and to analyse website usage. The analysis allows us to adapt our service and information provision to the wishes of our visitors. Google processes the personal data on its servers in the United States and other countries. This means that in certain cases, Google processes your personal data outside the Netherlands or even outside the European Economic Area. If you do not appreciate the use of cookies, you can adjust your cookie settings. You can do this here.

Offline communication and job applications
The same applies to all your offline communication. By sending a physical letter to our address or by stating your personal data over the telephone, you give us permission to process the personal data. In the case of job applications, we will destroy personal data after completing the application.

By using our website, you consent to the use of your data as described above.

Before you can visit our website, we ask you to indicate what personal data we can and cannot store, in accordance with legal requirements. For this, we use a so-called cookie bot. You can adjust your settings via this tool at any time.

SIMPoint has no control of retention periods of external parties, such as LinkedIn. However, we do have control of the retention periods of our contact form, intake form and e-mail requests. We save these for a maximum of eighteen months.

If you have any questions about the contents of this Privacy Statement and/or about obtaining permission to copy and/or multiply (parts of) the contents of the website, please contact SIMPoint at: